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Electrical Cabinets

Once that has been completely defined electrical engineering, electrical schematics are lowered workshop for the preparation of power and control cabinets. 


As discussed above, Mave have always advocated having the technical office in the same location as the workshop. With this we obtain a continuous communication between officers and those responsible for the electrical design. Thus avoid any error while installation drawings and wiring diagrams are refined, ensuring that the plans reflect 100% really the state where the closet was gone. All phases of manufacturing (machining, assembly of materials, wiring, etc.) are indicated for technical office and all are reviewed by the responsible design.


All projects, schemes and cabinet making, made in Mave Ingenieros, strictly comply with the regulations of the destination country. Although most of our projects are built to CE standard, Mave Engineers is approved to develop and manufacture cabinets for the North American market, having received for this course by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) in our facilities. Currently several projects have been developed for the Canadian market that are operational and have been certified with seal UL / CSA under UL 508A standard.






All cabinets manufactured in Mave pass strict testing protocols in which nothing is left to chance. Tested and simulates entire cabinet between staff of the workshop and the person responsible for electrical design, testing each and every one of the wires and mounting device and also checking that everything complies with the regulations. This sure most importantly, the functionality of the cabinet is correct. But we were not there, thoroughly reviews the aesthetics and cleanliness in order to obtain the final result is also pleasing to the eye. 

In the test protocol are included reviewing all points for our products can be sealed with CE certification.